Which Home Renovations Give Value?


    Purchasing an older house may mean that you will have to put a little blood, money, and tears into upgrading features for resale value. Here are a few home renovation tips that you should consider before putting your home on the real estate market.

    1. Upgrade to energy-efficient systems

    Nowadays, homebuyers are looking for energy-saving homes that not only reduce the amount of energy they use throughout the year, but also the money they spend. Not too many things are more appealing that they potential to save a lot on home energy bills. A few ways to upgrade your home to save energy includes upgrading windows, doors and roofing. There are many types of windows, doors and roofs designed to drastically reduce airflow from seeping in or out of the house.

    2. Freshen Up Your Bathrooms

    Installing new fixtures, re-grouting shower tiles and applying a new coat of paint can really freshen up an older space.

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    3. Combat the Kitchen

    A kitchen is one of the number one spaces in a home. If the kitchen doesn’t suite a homebuyer, they are more likely to pass on the home all together. If you’re going to renovate any space in your home, consider making the kitchen that one space. Yes, stainless steel appliances are what most homebuyers want in a kitchen, however, also consider the layout and practicality of your space. If you have the ability to make the space “flow” better and provide more counter space, do it.

    4. Paint it Out

    If you have a renovation budget that doesn’t allow you to go too crazy with your plans, new paint can always upgrade and freshen up a look. Repainting is one of the cheapest ways of modernizing an old structure to accommodate current styles that appeal to many people.


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